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We are a bunch of frustrated guitarists and boutique analog stomp-box fanatics from Amsterdam.

For more than two decades we had a lot of headaches trying to play “trouble free” on our pedal-boards… Believe us when we state that, like you, we tried every “solution” in the book to make a nice and good working pedal-board.

In 2012, we were really fed up, and made a pact: "we are stepping up for every frustrated guitarist in the world". We felt that we needed to create a pedal-board that would always work, with simple functions, was splash proof, heavy duty, and carried our beloved analog sounds.

Vintage Analog Protection Squad
So, we named ourselves the Vintage Analog Protection Squad, found a cave, and locked ourselves up for almost four years.

With all our experience as boutique pedal builders and guitarists, we made some very basic rules in designing our pedal-board; A guitarist must be ready to play in 5 minutes, without the classic headaches such as cable trouble, power supply stress, or water phobia.

Now, four years and a lot of hard work later, we can say “we did it!”

A revolutionary device
We created a revolutionary device for guitarists, which contains a built-in tuner, 2- channel switch, power supply and 3 step booster. Being boutique analog stomp-box fanatics, we used our best creativity and build 14 “Old School” tailor-made analog effect pedals, to be used with 1-click, in the 8 slot pedal-board. And since one of the designers has a huge case of “water phobia” we made this the only splash proof pedal-board in the world. Plug and play!

The Solution won multiple Awards 

We are very proud we can say the pedal board and it's effect pedals won multiple Awards. 

IF Design Award 2017

With the innovative pedalboard for electric guitarists, NEXI Industries is a winner of this years iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize. The pedalboard, called The Solution, was awarded the prize for musical instruments.

Each year, Germanys oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.

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Red Dot Award 2017

We won the Red Dot Awardfor high design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in an explempary manner. 

The SOLUTION wins Red Dot for high quality design. The Solution received the distinction “Red Dot”. With The Solution, NEXI industries and 6’4” design manufactory have created an outstanding design that the expert committee for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 has recognised with the internationally sought-after seal of quality. 

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We are a bunch of frustrated guitarists and boutique analog stomp-box fanatics from Europe.


Merel Bechthold (Delain - Mayan), voted best female Metal guitarist of the Benelux is such a big NEXI fan she wrote an exclusive track right…





Guitarist quotes

About their gear

"I think I could walk into any music shop anywhere and with a guitar off the rack, a couple of basic pedals and an amp I could sound just like me. There's no devices, customized or otherwise, that give me my sound."

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd

“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” 

Jimi Hendrix

"I feel my spot is somewhere between a bass player and a rhythm guitar player. I play with a pick. I play very aggressively. I always have a distortion pedal in line, and I play less melodies and do more stuff against the guitars that create melodies."

Nikki Sixx - SIXX AM - Mötley Crüe

"Sometimes you've got to draw a line between having all the options and being a slave to the things, using them every time you play the guitar. I'm trying to keep a real inconsistency to the pedals so that it is something new every time."

Joshua Homme - Queens Of The Stone Age


Nick Jennison of Interactive Guitar rocks the Solution.Enjoy for the review, 18 minutes of pure gold :) #proud

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We received a 4.5/5 Star review from Gitarist Magazine!

In one year we won a Red Dot AND an IF Award!

YouTube Guitar Effects-pedal guru JJ TANIS demoes the NEXI Pedalboard

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