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JJ Tanis Pedal Board

We are proud and honored that you follow the inspiration of JJ Tanis!

At a special inspiration price deal of € 499,95 you will receive The Solution Pedal Board, 4 effect pedals: Delay, Dutch Screamer, Tremolo and the 70’s Distortion plus the special Lid that can withstand 130kg of weight. And last but certainly not least...two 7 meter NEXI professional guitar cables

Now: 499,95

Your Pedal board will be customized with powerplug that fits your country

More information about power plugs. If the one you are searching for is not in our list we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Can I use my own “classic guitar pedals" together with the NEXI Industries Pedalboard?

  • Yes!, you can use them:
    • A) In front of the board; Guitar —> your  “classic guitar pedals”—> NEXI Industries Pedalboard IN —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard OUT —> Guitar Amp
    • B) Behind the board: Guitar —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard IN  —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard OUT —> your “classic guitar pedals”—> Guitar Amp

Can I use the NEXI Industries Guitar Pedals in my own setup?

  • Yes!, you can. Every NEXI Guitar Pedal allows an analog IN and OUT connection.

When will I receive my order?

  • Most items need to be built. Pedals can take 1-5 business days to build. All items may take up to 10 days to reach you once they are shipped. Tracking of the order will be emailed to you at the moment your package is ready for shipment.

     Can I use two Solutions pedal boards next to each other?

    • Yes, absolutely no problem. In order to use 2 boards together:
      • Guitar —> NEXI Industries  Pedalboard 1 IN —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard 1 OUT —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard 2 IN —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard 2 OUT —>  Guitar Amp

    A clean sound

    The engineers of the Vintage Analog Protection Squad were inspired to bring you the best pedal selection for your music style. Check them here!