'The Solution' Pedal Board

iF Design Awards

NEXI is more than proud to announce it has been awarded the prestigious iF Award for design for the holistic, plug and play, minimalist design of it's “The Solution” pedal board. The award serves to prove NEXI’s design ethos of simplifying playing but not sacrificing on analog tone. For over 60 years the iF Design Awards is seen as the benchmark in design excellence. It is the dream of designers world-wide to receive the Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH seal of approval. The awards are adjudicated by 58 judges, all experts in their field, making competition for the award fierce.

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The Solution

NEXI Industries has found an answer to relieve the frustrations of guitarists everywhere with “The Solution”. This truly “plug and play” pedal board is the ultimate companion for NEXI’s amazing analog pedals. Just click-in your favorite NEXI pedal and start playing. No more patch cables or batteries needed. The Solution also features an onboard tuner and three stage booster, is designed to be completely splash proof, so not even a fan’s beer will stop you shredding.

NEXI has been the recipient of the prestigious iF Design Award in recognition of The Solution’s excellent minimalist design that provides guitarists with the solution to their gear problems.


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NEXI Industries

NEXI Industries, although been a young Dutch company, has years of experience in playing guitar and building truly mind blowing analog pedals. The founders of NEXI sought to solve the problems plaguing guitarists the world over without sacrificing analog tone. Through use of The Solution pedalboard and NEXI’s analog single and double pedals all the problems related to cables and power supply have been eliminated. Even the problem of liquids destroying your gear has been solved with the iF Award winning design. With the splash-proof, “plug and play” design NEXI have removed past hassles to the relief of guitarists everywhere. The company has been awarded iF Design Award for design excellence.

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